1. Spacious and airy classroom, each classroom is electronic classroom fitted with digital device.
  2. Well equipped Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics and Geography laboratories.
  3. Three Computer Labs with sufficient number of Computers for each student (Computer education is provided from class I onwards )
  4. Two well-stocked libraries and a reading room.
  5. Two lovely art and craft rooms where we can endeavor in the student’s creative world.
  6. A sports room with all the necessities related to sports.
  7. A well-equipped music room/hall.
  8. A spacious playground for outdoor activities.
  9. Sufficient number of school buses to carry the children safely from each corner of the city to the school and back.
  10. A spacious enclosed cycle stand.
  11. Daily enrichment classes to make the students better by solving their difficulties in every subject.
  12. Aqua guards and water coolers for potable water.
  13. Stand by generator for continuous power supply.
  14. Regular free medical check-up.
  15. Excursions & Picnics.